Pet Exams For Sick Pets

When your pet is sick or injured, it is important that you  visit a veterinarian right away. During your pets examination our veterinarian will perform a wide variety of tests and diagnostics to help determine the underlying cause of your pet’s illness. These tests can include a physical exam, blood work / blood testing, urine testing, fecal testing, and other tests.

Sick Pet Exams

Sick pet exams are comprehensive – our veterinary team will thoroughly assess your pet and determine the underlying cause to understand why your pet is sick. We will then create a custom treatment plan to get your pet feeling better. If needed we will prescribe medications to help your pet get well and on the road to recovery. Any treatment will be discussed in full with you before any action is taken.

Some common reasons your pet may need a sick pet exam:

  • My pet has a cut on their paw
  • My pet has diarrhea
  • My pet is acting lethargic
  • My pet is having a hard time breathing
  • My pet is limping
  • My pet is throwing up
  • My pet won’t eat

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